Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Runner's Menu

In the midst of marathon season, I thought I'd share this quick video featuring a Registered Dietitian and some of my favorite foods, such as:
  • Hearty cereals full of iron, fiber and complex carbs
  • Leafy greens full of vitamins and fiber
  • Potatoes (UNpeeled) and bananas (peeled :) ) for potassium
  • Yogurt, milk, salmon and lean BEEF for a full spectrum of essential amino acids to build muscle proteins, along with healthy fats for tissue construction and water retention -- not to mention all kinds of minerals and vitamins that, when contained in animal products are more bio-available (see Hunt, 2003)
My brother and I love the amazing combo of protein-rich Surf & Turf! Plus...Omega 3 fats + Monounsaturated fats = healthy cell membranes!

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