Friday, February 10, 2012

Easy Beef Dinner

Beef shouldn't be so intimidating to cook. It's inherently flavorful, unlike other meats, so it only requires a little salt, pepper, and heat. Here are some cooking tips for an easy, great beef meal:

  • Preheat oven to 350°F
  • Take a 2lb SIRLOIN ROAST out of the fridge and let it get to room temperature, giving it 2 - 4 hours to sit out. If it was frozen, let it thaw slowly in the fridge for 2 days. Fast thawing reduces flavor and tenderness.
    • Use paper towels to wipe away all the liquids and moisture until quite sticky to the touch. Drying beef like this will allow it to get a nice sharp sear to concentrate the flavors and seal in the juices.

    • With a few pinches of salt and pepper, evenly coat the roast. I grabbed some fresh rosemary leaves and rubbed them on as well. 

    • Since a roast is nice and lean, coat a roasting pan with a little olive oil and place the roast in it. 
    • Meanwhile, I had sliced up 2 scrubbed unpeeled sweet potatoes and mixed them with a few pinches of salt and pepper, about 1/4 cup olive oil, rosemary leaves, and 3 crushed and minced garlic cloves. I spread them out over a cookie sheet.
    • Both the roast and the sliced potatoes can go in the oven for 30 minutes.
    •  Remove the roast (and the potatoes, too!) from the oven and insert a meat thermometer to a point halfway through at the center of the roast. If it says around 135-140, then perfect! Let it sit for about 10 minutes to cool, distribute the flavors, and continue cooking.  It's cooked to about medium, but the surest way to find out is to start slicing after the resting period. Put it back in the oven for a few more minutes and keep checking on it until it's cooked how you like it. 
    • Slice and serve! I also steamed some the way, did you know if you cut a lemon askew from its center, you expose all the pockets of juice and get a more effective squeeze? I love lemon on broccoli! 

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