Thursday, April 21, 2011


A national animal rights group, Mercy For Animals, released undercover video footage of dairy calf cruelty yesterday. Farm hands were given an executive order by their supervisor to euthanize calves that were exposed to and crippled by severe winter weather. Instead, video evidence shows them striking blows to the animals' heads with hammers. This activity is utterly intolerable within the livestock and dairy industries, but somehow it was captured and conveniently used to promote this message:

"Boycott animal abuse. Choose vegetarian."

Here are my questions.
1) Were the farmhands prodded on by the undercover cameramen?
2) If abuse was suspected, why did a pre-meditated framing occur instead of a true investigation?
3) Why would anyone claiming to love animals so much mildly stand by and watch through a video lens instead of so easily intervening to stop the killing or persuade them to use a more humane method?
4) Why was an agenda prostheletyzed at the cost of animal lives?

What do you Think?


  1. Any chance we can get a link to the article?

  2. The website for Mercy for Animals is The video footage will be posted there.

    Here is an update from the Texas Cattle Feeders Association newsletter, 4/22/2011 (not yet archived for public viewing). Please read below:

    Volume 45, Number 16 April 22, 2011

    Livestock Industry Unites In Condemnation Of Dairy Calf Abuse shown in recently released video footage. A statement from eight Texas cattle, dairy and ag organizations, including TCFA, said the groups "are appalled by the deplorable euthanasia methods depicted in the Mercy for Animals video. They in no way reflect the actions of the thousands of Texas farmers and ranchers who work hard every day to provide their animals with the best care possible.

    "Blunt force is specifically prohibited as a means of euthanasia by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and the American Veterinary Medical Association. The euthanasia methods in this video violate these standards.
    "The industry works hard to ensure farmers and ranchers are trained in all areas of animal care and treatment and will continue those efforts.
    "We encourage and support a full investigation by local authorities. Good animal care and treatment is an obligation, not an option for farmers and ranchers, and we take this responsibility very seriously."

    According to the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP), in the event that a disease or condition results in the need for an animal's euthanasia, there are guidelines available for humane euthanasia (
    "Any person witnessing willful acts of animal cruelty, abuse, or neglect, such as those portrayed in this video, bears responsibility for immediately contacting local authorities in lieu of continued observation or video-recording for other ulterior motivations," AABP said. "Animal care programs are available to all cattle owners to provide structured on-farm training and animal welfare assessments. The veterinary profession strongly promotes humane care and handling practices for all livestock, and the abuse seen in this situation cannot be tolerated."
    TCFA Chairman Bo Kizziar emphasizes, “In almost every case, when these practices come to light, managers or owners believe they have implemented appropriate humane handling policies and procedures. It is not enough to have a policy if it is not being followed. As with all management practices, the manager must ensure compliance and that variations will not be tolerated.”

  3. Did anyone else catch the irony in the statement: "Boycott animal abuse. Choose vegetarian"...this video came from a dairy, and vegetarians typically consume more dairy products than omnivores do.