Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ground Rules

Food, Think! is not a message, it’s a microphone. This is a forum, not a blog, which means this will not stage my monologue but our dialogue. Therefore, the one and only agenda of this website is for the participation of many parties of many viewpoints to meet together on the level ground of scientifically ascertained reality. If you are interested in meeting the objective of providing food to sustain 6.8 billion (and growing) human lives while minimizing the harm to our natural environment and maximizing the physical health of individual people, please contribute to this discussion. Food, Think! promotes stewardship of mind, body, and environment. We will face the fact that every gain in this entropic world comes at a cost, and we define responsible management of those costs as stewardship. Life, liberty, property, comfort, opportunity…these are paid for in their own currencies, life exchanging for life, etcetera. Total sustainability of the human population and total sustainability of environmental resources are two mutually exclusive variables that cannot be simultaneously maximized. My worldview dictates that of all things originating on earth, human life is the most valuable, and sustainable in this dialogue will be defined as able to keep up or prolong the human population, indefinitely. Sustainability will be defined as the ability to keep up or prolong the human population, indefinitely. I make these definitions only to avoid semantic entanglements, not to force acceptance of my worldview. Before the posting begins, I will lay out three ground rules for us:
  1. Express objective truth at the expense of personal agenda. Acknowledge that your knowledge, experience, and agenda are finite.
  2. Cite every unoriginal reference and source (hyperlink and/or author, publication & date)
  3.   Use words stewardship, sustainability, and sustainable as previously defined, or state a redefinition of those words if an alternate meaning is applied.
Posts that do not adhere to these rules will be removed. I am excited to begin this conversation with everyone. Be patient with me, the first topic will appear in a few days!


  1. Will whoever left their Angus-influence (black) cow stuck in the mud on the banks of the Brazos river below the highway 60 bridge please come and claim it? Thanks. I am deeply concerned. And totally serious. I called the Burleson County sheriff today.

  2. Good news, the cow was rescued. I hope the beauty, solitude, and spa therapy she must have been seeking was worth getting stuck belly-deep in mud.

  3. Hi Cassie! So excited about this, I will be sure and share with my blog friends...